Our station has one stream in mp3 224 kbps, so first of all please make sure, that your current internet connection is stable and bandwidth is sufficient.

We do not plan to open new streams in bit-rates lower than 224 kbps in future… This comes from our opinion about minimal quality level of broadcasting contemporary music material.

Nowadays we can offer some different ways how to listen our station:

  1. Our website: this way is rather obvious, all you have to do is just to click play-button in the bottom of any of our website’s page
  2. Our playlist-file is also a very stable way of listening to our stream. Just download the file from here (choose save file as… if it does not download directly from your browser). Please pay your attention to the fact, that you can use any software player, that supports “pls” file types, but we recommend using programs like aimpfoobar2000, or vlc.
  3. There are also many websites with different radio stations listed on them and we are always trying to get listed in all possible resources with radio. The most interesting radio-services  would be added here.