Legal info

We respect people who are involved in producing and developing music or associating  art, such as: artists, labels, djs and designers.
We always care about  right-holders, that’s why we collaborate  with labels and artists whose material we represent on air or via our web resources.
As you might have seen, we have something like music collection here, which is divided into 2 main categories: paid music and free releases.
Reviews of music releases on this website come with reserving all rights for the material. All releases are embedded from official pages of public resources such as : Bandcamp, Soundcloud or label’s websites.
We do not store music, exept some free releases, which were allowed by the certain rightholders.
Our Radio shows always go with “cover” (an artwork, which reflects the mood of the show, and provides some information about the date and the time of its presentation on air).
For this purpose we usually use: paid Shutterstock  images, free images which come with Creative Commons licence, (or GNU), our own images, drawn by our designers or friends.
For presentations of featured mixes we use photos from official public sources of the artists or labels, always linking to original image.
If you are a right-holder or an artists have any questions about legal permissions of any media content represented on our stream or website, please feel free to contact us.
Just go to the “Сontact us” page and send your message via that form.
We promise to answer to your inquiry as soon as possible, and fix any issues, misunderstandings, or cases that seem as  copyright violations.