VA Island of Misfit Grooves by Thaumic Records

Somewhere in the middle of the trance ocean lies a lost island, where the grooves that don’t fit anywhere else can be found. On this island, strange percussion-loving creatures frolic to a sound that can be heard from the rocky beaches to the deepest jungle. All attempts to locate it on a map have been stymied by its neither-here-nor-there-ness, and the travellers that have returned from its shores tell wildly implausible tales. Some tell of a Goan feeling in the air; others, of a psychedelic mood, that recalls a time when experimentation and rule breaking was the norm. Could all of these stories be true? To find out, you’ll have to seek the Island of Misfit Grooves…


released March 26, 2016

New Born – Hiding written by Tom Rarin
Ankrosado – Morning Glory written by Andre Rosado
Veasna – Warp written by Patrick Dinklage
Wakavanha – Space To Be and Dying To Blossom written by Janne Wakavanha
Hypnic Lab – Drunky Knight & Shiny Courtesans written by Antti Vaatainen and Danila Terskov
Yakui Bass Camp – Cyber Razor Cut written by Yakui Bass Camp
ADU – Stage of Illusions written by Andreas Laimi
Ruby Plexus – Finding Balance written by John Barker
Calm City – Into Your Dreams written by Tom Rarin

Mastered by Colin Bennun @ The Stooodio

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