VA Karmatonic Vol. 3 [KARMA017]

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Karmatonic is back. Strings from outer worlds twitched, something somewhere moved and the buzz was out there – emitted from the Earth. There was an uneasy path in front of us, lots of obstacles, but none of that matters compared to the bigger picture, compared to the greatness of outerspace. But enough with all that romantic crap – we are inviting you to a new journey. Every human being is a microcosmos for itself, and this time our journey is a bit different than last time. In our last release we had techno. Anyways, you are now able to notice the difference yourself. The main thing is that the old cosmic rooster made love to ancient mother hen, therefore eggs fell out, with a big bang and a huge planetary explosion…  more


released March 5, 2016

Compiled by Sri Loshmi


Technoid Mutant

Original art cover:

Milica Mićević

Digital art processing:

Evgeniy Jeton!large-grid/ckii


some rights reserved

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